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Niku Miso (Minced Meat Miso)

Niku Miso (Minced Meat Miso)

A simple rice bowl recipe to get you through long days (or hot summer days). The sweet-salty meat with Zesty Sasho Pepper Miso calms your appetite and gives you energy.


1 tsp

Sesame Oil

0.5 lb

Ground Meat

2-3 tbsp

Zesty Sansho Peppercorn Miso



Cooking Steps

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Zesty Sansho Peppercorn Miso

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Zesty Sansho Peppercorn Miso - $12.99

Sansho Peppercorn is bold yet subtle, a real sensory experience! We’ve mixed some zesty sansho peppercorn with some sweet miso which gives a nice and unexpected balance. It’s an easy-to-achieve culinary experience from the comfort of your home.

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