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Beef Sushi

Beef Sushi

A simple recipe of sushi for home cooking. Nothing is better than this combo. Flavor your rice with Yuzu Vinegar and roll with savory steaks.


1 cup

Short-grain or Sushi rice

0.25 lb



Avocado, sliced

1 block

Takuan (yellow pickled daikon radish or pickles)

3 tbsp

Cabi Yuzu Sweet Vinegar

2 tbsp

Cabi Dashi Soy Sauce

Cooking Steps

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Sweet Yuzu Vinegar

As seen on this recipe

Sweet Yuzu Vinegar - $15

Sweet Yuzu Vinegar gives a refreshing, aromatic, and bright twist to any of your dishes. Also, we’ve mixed in real yuzu peels for some texture and an extra zing.



Add To Cart - $15

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Beef Sushi

30 mins